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Monday, 23-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
..10th Year Reunion:Meeting1 @ Nik's Place

..Girls Rock,ok?!! LOL..
..Majang,Matot,Dean,Idot,Zally,Zack pic 1..
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..This is a much,much due entry.Im sure most of the gurls are tired of reminding me to put up the photos.So sorry ladies.Work just got to me..(excuses,excuses,hehehe).
..Nway,this was our first meeting for the year 2006. i think its our first meeting eversince we formed the committee members for the 10th year reunion.Im not the secretary,so I cant give you the details of the comm members..just the few "key ladies"..

President:Nik Fadzleen
V.President:Diana Abd Rahman
Advisor:Hezra Eryana Hashim

..It was a rainy Sunday.that plus MPPJ really sucks when it comes to planning the sections and what not.I thot I "knew" PJ so finding SS19 such be kacang putih je.Apparently NOT such an easy task.Me & Dean couldnt find our way despite following the useless signboards provided by MPPJ..After much frustration but with sheer determination to find the location (plus Nik's guidance via the mobile) we managed to find SS19/29 which is next to SS2 (?!!!)..Like duh?!!
..We were the first ones to arrive.Then eventually the rest came a couple of minutes/hours after that.Those who made it were Fasya,Idot,Zally,Zack,Majang,Matot,Hezra,Izard,Dean and me..
..We have decided that the reunion will be a weekend beach retreat and will take place in Cherating.Tentatively we've decided on 7th July 2007 (one cool date,huh?).So,sape2 yang nak kawin tuh,please find another date..hehehehe
..Here some of the photos taken during the makan2 meeting..
..Dont forgot to make it to the next one which will be held in Feb 2006.Actual date will be notified later on.

Tuesday, 22-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
..Jalan-jalan Makan raya..

..syoknya borak..tapi mkn tetap mkn :-p
..those who has "retired" for the day..
..Me,mum,K.Ija& Zulyda..
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..on Sat 19th Nov 05,there's a makan2 at Uncle Lee's place.Aunty ET made her special Mee was yummy! quite a turn up.due to the heavy rain,we ate in instead of dining at Aunty ET's lovely garden..

..on Sun 20th Nov 05 there was a makan2 at Hezz's new and improved,chewah..correction "new" gorgeous house.her place is so so fantastic..sangat lawa.the interior is even more gorgeous.according to Hezz,her mum did all the ID..mmg terra-laa Aunty..
..nways,we had a great time mkn2 and a grand tour of the house,chewah!!

Thursday, 17-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
..Lagi lagi Raya..and Happy Bday Ben!!

..soto juju sedap..hehehehe!
..posing jgn x posing..
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..this was supposed to be up on Monday but due to huge workload,i wasnt able to do so until today (ni pun curik2,hehehe)
..i beraya at Juju's palce before going for Ain's open always gambar x banyak-laa..(xreti ambik gambar laa!!)
..managed to meet kell before she goes back to Oxford..Missnya Kell !!..
..also are some shoots taken during my lil bro's trip to BTS (tgk Chicken Little,actually) adn some during Ben's 10th BenBen dah besar
..dis weekend is another series of open house,weddings and such..wait up for that one!!

Friday, 11-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
..Bergembira di Aidilfitri..

..the family di pagi Syawal..
..the extended family at Mak Chah's beloved Nenek Ru..
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..Hullo everybody!!..
..This is an esemble of the raya pictures I managed to snap before my camera's battery died on me..
..First rule on travelling..always remember to double check that ALL the bags/paperbags/plasticbags are safely placed IN the car..
..Coz what happened to me was,i nicely left my paperbag containing the camera's batt charger and my mobile charger,in the living hall back IN KL!!.. (
..So on the 2nd day of Raya,batt camera pun "kong"..tsk tsk tsk..
..Next entry would be pics taken at Ain's open house..

Thursday, 10-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

..the innocent me.. in saree..
..introducing,my hunny!!
View all 6 photos... you all can see,im so bloody new to this thing..regardless-laa org lain dah berzaman ade fotopages.. "ketinggalan",so sue me
..nways,im juz trying to get my hands on this,ill make a proper posting bila dah terra..


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